Submission Deadlines

Volume Last Date for Submission Publishing Date
Vol II, Issue III 26th July, 2024 Sept 6th, 2024
Vol III, Issue I 29th Nov, 2024 Jan 10th, 2025
Vol III, Issue II 29th March, 2025 May 10th, 2025
Understand the
scope of The Lens
  • Consider the scope and focus of your research.Read the guidelines and get acquainted with the journal. 
Prepare your
Check for
  • Before submitting your manuscript, make sure to proofread it for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.
  • You can also ask a colleague or mentor to review your work for feedback and suggestions.
Submit your
  • Email your manuscript to
  • Upload as Microsoft Word Document (.docx or .doc)
  • All images used must be attached separately on the email as .jpeg or .png
Disclose conflicts
of interest, if any
  • To ensure the integrity and impartiality of your research, disclose any potential financial or personal considerations that may compromise or appear to compromise your professional judgment in conducting or reporting your research.
Wait for
  • After submitting your manuscript, The Lens will send a confirmation email.
  • The manuscript will then undergo an initial screening to see if it meets the required standards.
  • If the manuscript passes the initial screening, it will be sent to reviewers for peer review.
  • This process, from the day of the submission to the peer review, will take approximately 2-4 weeks.
Address any
reviewer comments
  • If your manuscript is accepted for peer review, you will receive feedback from reviewers.
  • Address the feedback by revising and resubmitting the manuscript.
  • You are requested to return the manuscript after making appropriate changes within 4 weeks from the date of the feedback, unless a different timeframe has been agreed upon.
Receive a
  • After the final review, the journal will provide a decision, which may include acceptance, conditional acceptance pending revisions, or rejection.
  • You will receive an email informing you of the decision, and, if applicable, including any further steps you may need to take.
  • After your manuscript is published, it may be necessary to share the findings with the research community, through social media, news release, or other methods.
  • It is also important to track the impact of your research and follow up with any citations or feedback.
  • Once your manuscript is accepted, it will be copyedited and prepared for publication.

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