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Peer Reviewed

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Ages 10-25

Created for Middle, High School & Undergraduate Students

We recognize the importance of young researchers in driving innovation and shaping the future of their field, and hence strive to provide a supportive and accessible environment for young researchers to publish their work and build their reputation. 

  • we believe in the next generation

    An academic journal for young researchers is vital for the advancement of science and the development of the next generation of scientists.

  • Receive feedback from experts

    We provide a platform for early career researchers to receive feedback and mentorship from established leaders in their field.

  • Why Publish with us

    We aim to foster innovation, support the development of early career researchers, and promote diversity and inclusivity in the scientific community.


Submission Deadlines

Volume Last Date for Submission Publishing Date
Vol II, Issue III 26th July, 2024 Sept 6th, 2024
Vol III, Issue I 29th Nov, 2024 Jan 10th, 2025
Vol III, Issue II 29th March, 2025 May 10th, 2025

No Submission Fees

At The Lens, we believe that research should be accessible to everyone. That's why we don't charge any fees for submitting articles, making it easier for young researchers to showcase their work. We're also proud to offer free access to all our research, without any subscription fees.

Join us in our mission to make research available to all!

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